So I didn’t bl…

So I didn’t blog yestarday, figured I’d take a break and blog about my weekend today or tomorrow if I didn’t wind up getting a chance today.
Friday night my wife and I had dinner at my parents which is our usual Friday night routine. We had dinner and then watched the tv series Bomb Girls which is a six part series about the women who work in a factory making the bombs for the men who were off fighting in the war. I was a little reluctant to watch it at first. I don’t watch a lot of drama tv shows or movies. I love action, horror and comedy, and drama is not usually my first choice to watch. I don’t hate drama movies there are quite a few that I love its just not my first choice. I got into the show right from the first episode and have found out recently that there will be a season two which I’m looking forward to. I recommend if people haven’t seen it yet to check it out.
Saturday was a really great day! I met my alpha music team to learn new worship music from Glen Soderholm. I have been helping out with Alpha at church for a few years now mostly playing guitar with the music team but lately helping in the groups as well. Glen has come to St A’s a couple of times before and we always learn lots from him when he comes. The last time he came we learned the song May The Peace Of Christ Be with you which we have been playing for people just before they leave on Wednsday nights. This time we learned a song called Everything We Need which I really like. Pretty simple chords though I learned a new syle of strumming (well it is new to me) which Glen calls Boom Chucka. My homework this week is to strum one chord in this style which I do plan on doing. Glen actually taught this style of strumming the last time he came though I must admit I did not practice it as I should. Also it was suggested to me to use my guitar strap so for part of the session I played my guitar with the strap which I found a little awkward at first. I did practice a little later in the day after I got home using the guitar strap and it started to get more comfortable.
So that was my morning yestarday. I had a little rest when I got home and then went to the gym. Had a great workout and I was glad I went because I don’t have time to go today. After the gym I met my wife and the Pickel Barrel resaurant for date night. I forgot that Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday so a lot of people were celebrating their Valentine’s Day this weekend. The restaurant was busy though not nearly as busy as SilverCity movie theatre. We wanted to see The Women In Black the new movie with Danial Radcliffe. We got tickets for it but the theatre was packed so we had to return out tickets and get tickets for another show. We wound up getting tickets for Chronicle. It is a Sci-Fi movie and I didn’t know anything about it going in so I’m not going to tell you what it is about, just I thouhgt it was a great movie and go see it!
So that was yestarday! Today I had church this morning and it was a great service! I had a hard time getting up this morning but felt great pretty much as soon as I walked into church. The sermon was great and I loved the choir anthem! We also have a quest preacher who I believe will be supplying for awhile and I really enjoyed his prayers!
Well I can’t believe I have written so much! Hope everyone had a great weekend and get a good sleep tonight so you’re not too tired for Monday morning. I normally don’t sleep well Sunday nights and Mondays are usually hard for me so I hope the same for myself!