Cold Run

My marathon training finished about as quickly as it started. I’ve been feeling sick the last few weeks.

I’ve still been able to train though last week I really wasn’t at my best and figured I should run on the treadmill at the gym rather then outside. I still ran between 20-25miles last week though.

On the weekend I hurt my neck & shoulder somehow so I took Monday off work & training and went to get a massage. The massage helped and I’m feeling much better.

Tonight I ran outside again and it was really cold, my beard had some ice it it when I finished lol! I ran just under 5 miles and felt really good! I don’t mind running on the treadmill but I love running outside, it’s in my blood!

I still haven’t ruled out running a marathon this year though now may not be the time to train for an actual race. There is the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October which I may do. Are you signed up for any events running or otherwise this year? How is your training going?

Hope everyone had a great day! Till next time!



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