Marathon Training Begins


I ran my first marathon race last year in May at the Goodlife Fitness Marathon. It was a really hard race and afterwards I was thinking to stick with halfmarathons as I love that distance.

This week I srarted marathon training, figured I would give it another shot. I  ran an hour each night Monday to Wednesday and took Thursday & Friday off. I have had a bit of a cold and haven’t been sleeping too well but hopefully that will get better soon.
I am going to try and follow the training schedule in John Staton’s Running book. I thought about joining the marathon clinic at Running Room but don’t think I can afford it right now. I will try and get out to the free group runs when I can.

I don’t have a specific goal race this year but what are your goal races for the year? Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your training!



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Begins

  1. Have fun with your training. I also rain my first marathon last year (October) and have been thinking along the same lines as you…full again this year, or back to the half? I don’t know that I care (aside from the long training runs for the marathon, which I find painful), as long as I can have fun during the “race” (I can’t call it a race in my case, I am SO slow!) My general goal this year is to run 1000 km, regardless of races. So, have fun!!

    1. Hey eschudel, Yes you definetly want to have fun during the race as well as the training. I found the longer runs pretty difficult but don’t want to give up on marathons just yet. I also want to sign up for Tough Mudder again this so I’ll need to to do distance running for that. Thanks for dropping by, all the best! James

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