Christmas Party

Last night my wife & I went to friend’s of ours annual Christmas party. It is always a good time and last night didn’t disappoint.

The drive there was pretty brutal. We had taken highways off our GPS on our last trip to avoid road closures and were taken a slightly longer route.

We turned highways back on and it took us to the 401 which was brutal! We got off on Weston rd and there was construction. We were both really happy to get there.

We saw lots of familiar faces from previous parties and there were a lot of kids all running around having a great time!

Our hosts make there own beer and it is really good. Last year I drank a bit too much of it and got a little sick. My wife was rather upset. I did pace myself better and ate more this time and was not very drunk.

We have a few more Christmas parties and get togethers over the next month. Do you have any Christmas traditions during the month of December?

Hope everyone had a great day! Till next time!



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