So I really dropped the ball on my NaBloPoMo last month lol! I was off to a good start but then got busy. Meant to blog yestarday but was really tired.

The reason for my tiredness is I went to my first metal concert in about 10 years! It was awesome! I did unfortunatley have a few too many beers which didn’t help my lack of sleep that night.

The concert was at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto & the bands I saw were Slipknot & Korn! I like both bands and though I haven’t listened to them in awhile I still recognized a lot of their music at the show!

There was so many people there! My buddy & I were on level 320 row 10. Our seats were not too bad though next time I will try for row 100’s. I got a tour shirt and bought Slipknot’s greatest hits album on Itunes after I got home.

Made it to work yestarday on little sleep but I got through the work day. I’m doing alright today but didn’t workout yesterday or today. Tomorrow I have dinner with my wife and parents in the evening & hope to watch the new episode of Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 after work tomorrow.

I am hoping to blog before bed tomorrow but we’ll see how the evening goes! Till next time!



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