Race Photo STWM

#STWM photo

October 19th I ran the half marathon in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. My official time was 2:05:33 way better than I expected! It has been a few weeks since the race and I have got back into training again and have to figure out which race to run next. Above is a photo of me with my finishing medal!

Hope everyone is doing well and has had a great Monday!



2 thoughts on “Race Photo STWM

  1. So would I be right in thinking that you have not kept your NABLOPOMO November posts going? Congrats however on the race results. The closest I’ve come is being a spectator at the London Marathon, at which I could have had my sister disqualified after she completed the grueling 26 and a bit miles run!

    1. Sorry for the late response, yes I did drop the ball on NaBloPoMo last month. Got busy.
      My advice to running a marathon (though Ive only ran one) is start with a 5km race and work your way up. And join a running clinic. Its easier to run, especially the longer distances with people. I think half marathons are my limit!
      Thanks for dropping by!

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