Long Distance Run

Most weekends I normally will run both Saturday and Sunday’s. This weekend though I took Friday as a rest day and Saturday as well!

I did run from last week Sunday till Thursday though & I ran for over an hour today. It was a really good run! It was cool outside and not raining which was nice. It has rained here in Brampton the last few days. I will run in the rain though it is not my favorite weather to run in.

After my run I went to the gym and worked out for a half an hour on the weights! On top of my running I am trying to balance out my weeks with yoga & weights as well!

Well I need to keep this one short. My wife & I are having a friend over in a little while and I need to help out with some house work!

Hope everyone is doing well! Till tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Long Distance Run

    1. Thanks Colline, Running has been a constant in my life since I was a teenager. I’m sure I will always be running either at the gym on a treadmill or outside! Hope you are doing well!

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