3rd Half

STWM 2014 Bib

This morning I ran my 3rd half marathon in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! I wasn’t sure how I would do in this race because of an injury as well as getting sick so I wasn’t able to complete all my training.

I got a fairly good sleep last night & my wife (who is awesome!) drove me to the event this morning, dropped me off at a pretty good time. I had enough time to get something to eat and then get to the washroom and get to the start line in good time.

My plan was to just trudge along at a good slow pace and I would just finish the race. Well I wound up doing much better then I thought I would! I finished the race at 2 hours & 5 minutes, not a personal best but I was happy with my time!

After the race I had to catch the subway to Yorkdale then catch the GO bus home. I haven’t used either in years but found my way pretty good.

After I got to the City Centre, I met my wife for lunch having my usual post race meal burger, fries & beer! I had a really good nap in the afternoon and hope to get to bed early tonight.

I’m hoping to run this race again next year though I am starting to plan next years races & what other ones I would like to do. Did you race today? Do you have any pre or post race rituals that you do?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Cheers!


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