Changed Plans

Friday nights my wife and I generally spend the evening having dinner at my parents house and then watching Modern Family with them. We’re onto season 4 and the show is so funny!

This Friday we wound up cancelling dinner plans as my mom got us all tickets to a church dinner at one of her co-workers church which was last night. I mean what is not to like about a church dinner right!

So instead of going to my parents house Friday night my wife and I went to see the new X-Men:Days Of Future Past movie which was awesome! I recommend that you go see it! The funny thing was that my parents decided to go to the movies also so we wound up running into them there. They didn’t see X-Men though lol!

The church dinner last night was really good! Everyone got half a chicken, a potato, salad and a piece of bread. There was also tea & coffee, juice & water. Met a few new friends last night, some people who were first sitting at our table then chatted with some of my mom’s co-workers & their spouses. Afterwards we back to my parents house and watched Modern Family!

This morning my wife went to church. I wound up missing church and worked out instead. Had a really good workout, ran outside for 20 minutes then did weights at the gym for 20 minutes. We are going to our nieces dance recital this afternoon which is why I decided to miss church. I didn’t know how I would feel by the time we got home so I decided to do my workout first.

All in all it was a great weekend! What were your weekend plans? Hope it was a good one and you have great weather where you live! It is beautiful outside here in Brampton! By for now!



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