I’m feeling much more recovered after my hangover on Monday but I am pretty tired. My week has been going fairly well this week.

I had a great workout at the gym yesterday. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill which took 40 minutes then did a weight workout for 35 minutes mostly focusing on chest.

In the evening at home I finished my day off with 15 minutes of yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for a few weeks now and love it! I have always thought that I should stretch more after workouts and yoga helps with that and I find it so relaxing! I’m not very flexible yet or have a lot of balance but I’m improving! I would have liked to do more but I started kind of late and had to get to bed.

Today I am feeling kind of tired and rather conflicted. I want to go to run club at the Running Room which starts at 6:30pm but am undecided. I may just stay in and relax and do some yoga later in the evening but we shall see.

I’m so excited though, I had ordered the documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper from Amazon a few days ago and got it today earlier then expected! I just got into Alice Cooper a few years ago after see a cover band called Second Coming open for my buddy’s band which was a Rob Zombie cover band called The Devil’s Rejects! After the show I bought like six Alice Cooper albums off of Itunes and have really got into his music! I’m very much looking forward to watching the dvd, I probably will stay home and watch that lol!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Cheers!


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