Mondays are generally hard! Sundays I find are hard to fall asleep after being out of the routine of the work week for two days and going to bed when I want. So Mondays are usually a hard day for me.

Today was especially hard as I decided to drink with some neighbours of mine last night. I don’t normally drink too often, if I do it is a couple of beers with dinner and very rarely get drunk. But I was putting the garbage out last night and my neighbours were having some drinks and invited me to join them. They asked me over for a beer but when I got there I found out they were offering me Hennessy which I haven’t drank in years. They poured me three drinks and I got pretty drunk lol! I had a beer before the drinks which added to my drunkenness.

I did fall asleep pretty quickly though after I got home lol though have felt like shit all day today! I survived the work day but I couldn’t wait to get home and relax!

How was everyone’s Monday? Do you find Monday’s hard or are you one who does pretty well with getting sufficient sleep each night?

I start work each day at 6:45am and with my early start, struggle quite often to get to sleep before 11pm sometimes even 12am! Tonight I will hopefully have a better sleep and I’m not having any liquor lol! Hope everyone had a great day, untill next time!



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