Yesterday was a much needed rest day after my half marathon. I had plans to play guitar and sing with a friend of mine which I cancelled. I made it to work but that was about all I had energy for. I wound up just pigging out on junk food and then vegging out in front of the tv. My wife and I watched Sunday nights episode of The Walking Dead which was really good!

Today I felt more refreshed. Could have used maybe a bit more sleep but I think for what I got I felt pretty good. Had a decent day at work today. Pretty steady and the time went by quickly. I chilled out at home for a couple of hours after work and then went to my marathon clinic. We had a guest speaker Barb (don’t know her last name) who talked about nutrition. I need to work on my nutrition. You would think that I would be like a crazy health nut considering how much I workout but that is not the case. I enjoy my junk food! I have burgers and fries at least once a week and don’t eat enough fruits and veggies or drink enough water. So I got a lot out of the talk lol! She will be sending out via email Canada’s Food guide and what we should be eating while training. After the talk we had a good 10km run! It was snowing but it wasn’t cold and the run was really good!

Well I am signing off! My wife made pancakes and I am going to have some before heading to bed. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Till next time!



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