Had a really good weekend! Friday night my wife and I pretty much just relaxed at home. I can’t remember what we even watched on tv. I think we were both pretty tired. We had first thought about going to a movie but that didn’t wind up happening that night.

Saturday we drove to Burlington to pick up my race kit. As you know if you have been following my blog, I ran in the Chilly Half Marathon which was today. For most races they have you pick up your race kit on the Friday night & for a certain amount of time on Saturday. For most races you are not able to pick up your race kit the day of the race.

I figured that my wife and I should get a hotel in Burlington the Saturday so we wouldn’t have to drive down twice. We picked up my race kit and then went for dinner and a movie. We saw the movie Non-Stop which we both really enjoyed!

The hotel we stayed at was nice, though there was a wedding going on so we heard the base pumping till it was quite late. Actually my wife heard the base more than I did, I fell asleep fairly quickly that night thankfully. The people in the halls were fairly noisy and we both heard them quite a bit. I did sleep ok that night which was great because I usually don’t sleep that well the night before a race.

There was a shuttle bus to the race this morning from our hotel. That was great as my wife didn’t have to get up and drive me. There were about 2000+ people in the race and I ran it in 2hrs and 1 minute. I felt a bit dehydrated and had to walk a few times during the race. I finished with a better time then I thought I was going to get.

After the race I went to a pub and got the free beer land chilli they offered with a tag off my race bib. I called my wife and my brother-in-law and his wife picked me up at the pub and we went for lunch.

I’m feeling pretty tired but good and after I finish this blog I will be going to bed. I hope that work is not too busy tomorrow as I’m sure I will be pretty tired. At least tomorrow is a rest day and I won’t be doing much in the evening. Hope everyone is well and they had a great weekend! Cheers!


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