Race Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is The Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington and I am pretty excited and nervous! I’m excited to see hopefully many of my Running Room friends some who I haven’t seen in awhile. That may not happen though as I’m sure there will be many people at the race. I’m excited for the long run. I love putting on my headphones and some great music and just running. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow’s race at about 2hrs which has generally been my half marathon time.

I’m nervous because I haven’t ran all week. Well except for about 10 minutes Thursday evening but it was way too cold lol! Not sure what happened this week. Monday and Tuesday I needed rest after my 29km long run this past Sunday and then running just didn’t seem to happen the rest of the week. I have been running fairly consistently either outside or on the treadmill at the gym for many years so this probably will not be a problem but who knows what race day will bring. I’m also nervous as I find the night before the race I don’t get much sleep. Do any of you find that before your event? For some reason I wind up getting about 4-5 hrs of sleep and then adrenaline & good music  gets me through the race. Hopefully I can cut back coffee today and no alcohol till after the race tomorrow and turn off electronics early tonight so I can sleep.

My wife and I are heading to Burlington today, sometime in the next couple of hours hopefully. I need to pick up my race kit as they don’t have race kit pick ups on the day of the race. We have a hotel which I believe has free shuttle bus to the race in the morning. The only downside to the hotel is it is rather expensive and there is no breakfast included. The hotel looks nice though from what I saw online. After picking up the race kit I think we are going to try to see a movie, not sure what we are seeing yet.

After the race tomorrow we are getting together with family for lunch. I have family who live in Burlington and it is great that we are able to get together tomorrow!

I hope anyone who is racing tomorrow has a great race! Some last-minute advice, I find that the best way to run the race is to not worry at all who passes you. I treat my race the same as my Sunday long runs and just go at my own speed. Just relax and enjoy yourself! Also leave enough time to get there in the morning so you can have enough time to bag check, use washroom etc.

Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!


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