Valentines/Family Day Weekend

It has been a great long weekend. For our Valentine’s Day celebration my wife and I have spread it out over three days. And we have gotten together with family both on my side and my wife’s side this weekend for Family Day.

Our Valentine’s celebration started on Thursday going for massages after work. This was much needed for both of us as work has been busy and on top of work for me, my marathon training has taken a toll. The massage was great and helped out a lot. I’ve been told that I need to stretch more after running by my massage therapist. After the massage we went to check out this new tea restaurant that opened in Downtown Brampton called T By Daniel. I had an herbal tea which was really good and I can’t remember what my wife had but she liked it. It was a nice store and looked like it was packed for its opening day which was good. We both hope to drop by the store again and work our way through the tea menu!

Friday nights we usually spend with my parents though this past Friday my dad has been away on business and seeing that Friday was Valentine’s Day, we didn’t want to leave my mom on her own so we went out for dinner. The restaurant we went to was really good, and thankfully we got in fairly quickly as they don’t take reservations on Valentines Day. After the meal we went back to my parents house for some desert and tea and watch a movie. We didn’t last too long with the movie lol and were all falling asleep so my wife and I figured it was time to head home.

Saturday was my brother in-laws 50th birthday party which was lots of fun. It was great to see family and many of his friends and it  was quite a large gathering. The only thing was that I drank a few too many beers and was a bit hung over yesterday. Thankfully not so many that I made an idiot out of myself or got sick but I should have stopped at three beers. We live and learn right!

Yesterday we had church service and it was great. It was Baptism Sunday and there were many cute babies in the church as well as it was packed! The sermon was called The Runaround and was basically about how we spend so much time running around and need to say no to some things and make time for the people in our lives not to mention God! I think all of us can relate to being too busy at one time or another and feeling far away from God. We’ve been having a sermon series the last few weeks called Ordinary Day with Jesus which has been really good and you can check some of the sermons out on St Andrew’s Brampton website here!

All in all it was a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow and hopefully tonight it won’t be too hard to fall asleep. I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you had to work on Family Day I hope you had a great day! Cheers!


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