Marathon Training Weeks 4 & 5

Last week was week 4 and again I didn’t get all my running in due to being sick. I finally went to the doctors and they gave me some nasal spray and some other stuff which I dissolve in water and spray into my nose. Kind of uncomfortable but it’s helping. I did get in 30+km’s last week, I can’t remember exactly.

Today after work I decided to run right after work. I was supposed to run 6km’s but I ran just over 10! It was a busy day at work and I figured that if I went home and rested until my clinic started I might not have had the energy to run. I often find that right after work is the best time for me to work out. I didn’t go to the gym as I packed about 900 boxes into the truck at work but I am happy that I got my run in.

The clinic talk last week was about goals and my goal is to finish a marathon. I will do that on May 4th at the Goodlife Fitness Marathon and my goal after that is to maybe run the Soctiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. If I can run at least two marathons a year that will be good but for now I just want to finish.

Tonight’s clinic talk was basically on making sure you are hydrated and the effects of alcohol and caffeine on runners. The person who gave the talk was a bio-chemistry? teacher I believe and it was pretty interesting.

After the talk I came home and got some dinner and having a nice evening relaxing with my wife watching Alias season 2. My wife got it from the library, it is such a good show! Hope everyone had a great day! Cheers!


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