Marathon Clinic Week 2

Last week was off to a good start for my training . I’m not sure what my exact total km’s were but in 5 runs I ran about 51 km’s which was awesome! There were some really cold days as well as very messy sidewalks  which made for tough runs.

I’ve been sick with a cold the past few days. Yesterday was my rest day and today I was supposed to run 6km with my clinic but I just went to the talk. The talk was mainly on the different shoes the Running Room has as well as items you can put on your feet for different injuries as well as different kinds of socks. We talked about trying to stay together more as a group. I guess for the Sunday LSR (which stands for Long Slow Runs) people were more spread out.

I can’t make the Sunday morning runs because of church and there is a Bible study at church Wednesday nights so besides the clinic night, I will be running on my own for a while unless I can arrange something else with people. I have got to like the group runs and have missed them.

I’ve signed up for my goal race which is the Goodlife Fitness Marathon which is in Toronto on May 4th. I also signed up for a half marathon March 2 which is called The Chilly Half Marathon! I’m very excited for both races!

Tomorrow night I’m going to try to run 10km after work before the Bible study, hopefully I will be organized to do that. The weather is looking pretty good this week, not too cold hopefully!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Cheers!


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