Marathon Clinic Week 1: Introduction

Tonight was the first night of my marathon clinic at the Running Room. There was quite a large group that showed up for this clinic! We started off by introducing ourselves and giving our running history.

I’ve blogged about my running/fitness history on this blog before but for those new to it here it is. I have been running on and off for many years. I never competed in events before last year.

Back in January I signed up for Tough Mudder. I didn’t really know how to train for it as it is a 16km course with military style obstacles (about 25 of those!)

I decided to sign up for a 10km clinic last year in January, thinking that the winter would give me all kinds of weather conditions which hopefully would be good for TM training. I completed the 10km clinic and finished the Run For Hope 10km race last year in April in Brampton where I live. I finished that at 51 minutes!

I signed up for the half marathon clinic and completed that also. I went into the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October for the half marathon and finished that in 1 hour and 59 minutes!

I also completed Tough Mudder in September so last year was a pretty big year in fitness for me! This year I hope to complete the full marathon clinic and enter the Mississauga Marathon in May. A long-term goal for me is to complete the Boston Marathon!

After our introductions, we went out to run 6km. I bought a ski mask to keep my face warm as it was really cold out! It was a great run though I got lost and wound up running just over 9km instead of the 6. I found my way to back to the Running Room though. It is at a different location then what I’ve been used to so far.

I look forward to running with everyone in the group and getting to know them and making new friends as the clinic goes on!

Hope everyone had a great day today! Cheers!


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