Daily Prompt: Beyond the Pale

A few years ago a coffee shop was doing open mic nights. I have played guitar in font of people before but never more than two songs.

Most of the time I was playing with other people at my church. I have always had a fear of public speaking let alone playing my guitar in front of people but decided to give it a try.

The first time I did it went rather well. I was nervous and fumbled a little bit but overall felt good about it. I chose about 6 songs and played for about 20 minutes.

The second time however was a different story. I played another 6 songs and most of them I didn’t practice them enough to play them in front of people. I overdressed as it was in December that I did this and it was cold outside but I was super hot onstage and really nervous so I was sweating like crazy. To make matters worse, I invited a whole bunch of family members to see me play.

I have done open mic since then. That experience was such a good experience for me. I learned to play songs that I know and feel comfortable with. Out of my set, maybe choose one new one. Not have 1 song I’m comfortable with and 5 new ones. I also learned that I need to practice. I have been trying to play my guitar more regularly and keep working on the songs.

That coffee shop wound up closing down so I haven’t done an open mic in about two years. I have got together with friends to jam a few times but I would love to play in front of people again. I do play for my church for their once a year talent show but I would love to do open mic more often. I have found a pub that may potentially have open mics but I have to look into that a bit more.

In closing, don’t be afraid to try new things. They may be a bit scary and the first time you do them you might not do as well as you would have liked or even fail. But at least you try! I can’t say that I have overcome my fear of public speaking yet but I am still working on it!



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