It’s the 2nd last day to blog for 2013. One of my goals for 2014 is to blog more. I’ve been on holidays since the 23rd of December and haven’t blogged for a few days.
I had a great Christmas though. Lots of family get together between mine and my wife’s family between the 25th to the 28th, I hope Santa was good to everyone. A few of my favorite gifts that I got were The Wolverine Dvd, Chris Hadfield’s new book and my wife got me Superman lounge pants lol!
My wife and I drove out to Muskoka, Ontario yesterday to visit friends. We had a great visit and we stayed in a nice motel called Hart Of Muskoka. It was quite comfortable and we had a really nice stay! Muskoka is a really beautiful place and if you are ever in Ontario you should visit and if you live in Ontario, you should visit if you have never been.
We got home today from our staycation and pretty much just relaxed for most of the afternoon. I finally got outside for a run, my first one since last weekend’s ice storm. The sidewalks were still really icy and I had to run carefully but I completed 10km. It was great to get back out there!
What are your plans for New Years Eve tomorrow? My wife and I are having a quiet New Years, probably will just go out for dinner and then watch a movie at home. We just got from seeing  The Hobbit Pt2 which was really good!
Hope everyone is doing well and has a fun and safe New Years Eve tomorrow night! If I don’t get a blog in I will see you all in the new year! Cheers!

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