Today wife and I had a nice breakfast at the Royal York hotel. Afterwards I got to use the Fitness Centre and had a treadmill run, my wife went shopping! No running for me outside today with all the ice lol, maybe I’ll be doing treadmill runs for a few days! We checked out and the hotel staff was nice to let us leave our car there while we went to Sing Along Messiah. My wife and her family have had the tradition of going to Sing Along Messiah for about 20 years now. This was my third one. I still don’t always know how our when to sing all my parts for it but today I followed along the best and only got really lost twice! We went for dinner at a pub afterward. It has been a great weekend! I go back to work tomorrow and hopefully I will find out that I don’t have to go back till January 3rd, 2014. My company offered people to take the 27th and 30 off either as vacation, floater day or VTO which is voluntary (unpaid) time off. I had no more vacation days or floater days so I took the VTO for both days. I could always use the money but having the time off to spend with family will be really nice! Debating if I will brave walking the icy sidewalks to work or taking the bus, decisions, decisions!


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