Date In The City

Today my wife and I drove into Toronto. We had tickets to see a play called Parfumerie at Soul Pepper Theatre in the distillery district.

It was really good and I’d recommend you see it if it is ever playing near you. I didn’t know what to expect from it.

I knew pretty much nothing about it but my wife wanted to see it and I bought the tickets. We both loved it and the play inspired the movie You’ve Got Mail which I learned today!

On our wedding night my wife had wanted to stay at the Royal York hotel in Toronto but my parents suggested that we stayed in town as it would be such a long day and we wouldn’t get there till late. Also the hotel is a bit pricey and I am glad we didn’t stay here then, we wouldn’t have had time to really enjoy it.

It is a beautiful hotel and we love our room! We just ate at the Library Bar restaurant and the food was really good! There was a mix up with our meals and we got our drinks paid for which was great!

Tomorrow we finish the weekend off with Sing Along Messiah that we try and do each year around this time with family!

Monday I’m back to work and hopefully will find out it is my last day of work for the year. I got offered the 27 & 30th off which I won’t get paid for but the time off will be nice!

Hope everyone is well and having a great weekend! Cheers!


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