Back At It

I got back into running last week and I did pretty well for my first week back after a month and a half. I’m still easing into it and only ran 5km each time I ran but I got five runs in last week!

I think for the rest of the month I am going to run no more them 5-10km whenever I run. I want to take it easy before marathon training starts in January. I’m doing my marathon clinic at a different running room then the one I’m used to which should be neat, getting to know new people and new people to run with!

I have also tried to get back into a weight routine. I’m trying to do weights 4 days per week generally Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday to space them out and change days depending on what is going on each week! I had really good weight workouts this past weekend! How do you spread out your running with your strength training and also your rest days??

Today was my rest day from both the gym and running. Hung out at home with my wife for a while and then went to play guitar & pool with my brother who is home for the holidays!

Hope everyone had a great day today! Cheers!


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