Winter Running

I love running in the winter! I never used to, in fact I used to hate the winter. I think that part of the reason I used to hate winter is I didn’t dress well for it. I came to realize this when my wife and I first started dating and we took a walk outside in November, she was all bundled up and I think I only had a winter jacket on… no gloves or a hat.

After that, I started learning the benefits of dressing in layers and I started enjoying winter more. I have always ran outside for many years now but when winter rolled around, I would take my running to the treadmill at the gym.

Back in January I signed up for Tough Mudder which is 16km with 25 military style obstacle course. I didn’t know how to train for it but I started by signing up for the 10km running clinic at Running Room. For the first time ever, I was running in the winter! I figured that the winter would help me to learn to run in all kinds of weather conditions which hopefully would help in Tough Mudder.

I completed the 10km clinic and ran my first event Run For Hope in Brampton where I live. The photo of me running in my blogs header is from that race! I then signed up for the half marathon clinic. I completed that and ran my first half marathon race at the Scociabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon back in October.

I was off from running for just over a month due to a back injury and work but I started running again this week. They were all good runs though it was pretty cold outside for all of them.

Today I got up fairly early for a Saturday and got out for my 5km run and to Goodlife Fitness for a chest and triceps workout. I love starting the day with a workout though it doesn’t usually work out that way.

I did complete Tough Mudder and it was a great day. A little long, be prepared to be around 5-6hrs depending on your team size and fitness level. It was lots of fun and my team stayed together pretty much for the whole thing! I definitely want to do it again though it may not be next year! How about you, do you like exercising outdoors in the winter?

Hope everyone has a great day! Cheers!


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