Quick post

Just a quick post for today. I forgot to turn off my 5am phone alarm which is for work off this morning and it went off. That really sucked lol! I’ve been sleeping really poorly since my back injury, plus this has been a pretty busy week for my wife and I with things on in the evening after work. I generally find the month or so before Christmas usually is the busiest time of year for us besides the month of July. My back is feeling better though and hopefully now that I’m getting back into the gym that will help me to sleep better!

Feeling not too bad this morning though. I’ve had some coffee and done my Bible reading and checked out my facebook and Twitter. Wife wants to go to Toronto to do some shopping and I want to go to the gym so I think we are going to find a Goodllife Fitness close to where she wants to shop so we can both get to where we want to go. We have my nieces and brother-in-law’s birthday party to go to in Toronto later in the afternoon which should be lots of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing family!

How do you usually spend your Saturday? Do you spend it relaxing and being lazy like wife and I normally do? Or do you have tons of errands to run or work on the weekend?

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend! Cheers!


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