Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

People are afraid of all kinds of things: spiders, the dark, or being enclosed in small spaces. Tell us about your greatest fear — rational or irrational.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks to talk about my biggest fears either rational or irrational. One of my biggest fears is public speaking. I find this funny and probably most people would as well because I am generally pretty outgoing and will talk to anyone. But put me in front of a large audience and be expected to speak I find this extremely difficult!

I do believe in facing my fears in life and not letting them hold me back from anything. For a lot of my life I was pretty afraid of heights. Last summer I decided to do Edgewalk on the CN Tower in Toronto. I was all excited about and then as soon as I signed up got very nervous. I started imagining the  worst scenarios possible and many times wanted to back out of it. Well the date to do Edgewalk rolled around and I did it and found that I was not as scarred up there as I thought I would be. I was a little nervous at the beginning but after walking around and hanging off the Tower I found I was having a great time!

As far as the public speaking goes, I am working on that. I play guitar and try to play and sing in front of people whenever I can. I have done a few open mic nights. I had one really bad open mic night where I wasn’t as prepared as I could be, I dressed too warmly and I fumbled through the songs on top of that I had invited a few family members to watch and was nervous and very sweaty lol! It was the longest 20 minutes of my life! I still keep at that and I find that I have had breakthrough and can actually look at people when I am playing and I don’t have to just watch my chords. I am slowly feeling more confident. I also volunteer to do the Bible readings at my church during the Sunday morning services. I am still pretty nervous when I do that but I do want to keep at it.

How about you. What are your fears? Have you tried to overcome them?

Hope everyone has had a great day! I am really looking forward to the weekend for rest and hanging out with family!




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