I didn’t blog Thursday or Friday this week. Injured my back on Thursday at work which really sucked. I thought I would relax for the evening and the pain would be gone by the morning but it wasn’t.

Went to the clinic and I am now on modified duty at work for next week. Can you believe it? For the first time in 13 years at my company on modified duty. So I also won’t be running or working out at the gym for the week as well. That is going to be hard, just taking it easy.

I had a nice evening out with my wife and my parents last night. We went out for dinner and then went to the movie Gravity which was surprisingly really good. I saw a brief preview of it and wasn’t too sure about it but I liked it!

Today I have been pretty much just taking it easy. My wife is marking and I’ve pretty much been in the den watching Sons Of Anarchy. I spent some more birthday money and bought seasons 4 & 5, I should be all caught up to where they are in season 6 by the end of the month!

I did go to the gym today and sat in the massage chair which was nice. Figure if I can’t work out, I should still get use out of the gym by using the massage chair & the sauna!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cheers!


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