Get It Done!

Busy day at work. Worked overtime and didn’t really feel like getting my run in. I had 10km to run and I pushed myself to get out the door. Ran a little slower than usual as I was tired from work but finished in 59 minutes.

I passed tonight on running with my Running Room group at 6:30pm, there was also a movie night at church which sounded really good but I passed on that as well. I just went for my run right after work and then came home to relax. Some times its like that though when you are working towards something. You’ll have days where you just don’t feel like it but have to do anyway. After the workout, I was happy that I got out for my run!

Watching Sons Of Anarchy, though I know I have to go up and do some dishes and get my lunch ready for work. My Wolverine beard is all trimmed up. Not sure if it is Hugh Jackman worthy but there will be photos tomorrow or Friday of my Wolverine costume! I’m not dressing as The Wolverine from the comics in the yellow suit, but from the movies wearing the jeans, white undershirt and leather jacket. I bought the claws off Amazon!

I’m hoping to get a blog in tomorrow but in case I don’t, hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!



One thought on “Get It Done!

  1. That’s awesome bro. I used to run like crazy but my knees and chins started to really hurt. Have any suggestions? Go Wolverine!!! Blessings bro!! Oh yeah taking a break isn’t a bad thing!

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