Short Post

Got my 6km run in pretty much right after work. I was pretty impressed with myself. I got home fairly quickly, got changed and got dinner in the oven and headed out for my run. I haven’t ran right after work in awhile and it felt really good.

In fact I didn’t even need another coffee. Usually I stop after work at Tim Horton’s for a coffee (and donut) yeah I know not too healthy, though there are worse after work snacks lol! Then after I get home I tend to make another cup of coffee. Today after my run I didn’t think about it. Hopefully that will help in my sleep tonight.

One more day till Halloween, I’m getting pretty excited! And one more day for my beard, going to trim it up hopefully looking like The Wolverine!

And also Movember starts next Month and I’m participating. I’ll be posting a like to my Movember page if anyone wants to donate but think about donating to anyone you know participating, it’s for a great cause!

Have a great night everyone!



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