Its been about a week since my half marathon race. I ran three times this week so far and have taken three days of rest.

As a fitness enthusiast I find it hard sometimes to rest and take the proper time to recover. Today I was going to run but it didn’t wind up happening.

I think tomorrow I am going to start training for the full marathon. I bought John Stanton’s Running book which has marathon training schedules which I think I am going to follow.

Unfortunately the marathon clinic falls on a Thursday which conflicts with choir so I think I will train mostly on my own with runs with my group Tuesdays & Wednesdays if they continue to happen.

How much time do you take to rest after your half or full marathon runs or races?

As I continue with my training my hope is to train hard but listen to my body when I do need recovery time as I hope you do as well.

Hope everyone had a great day! Happy running!


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