I wanted to get up early this morning and get my run in before church. I don’t always do well with early morning workouts and that didn’t wind up happening.

Had a great church service. It was great to see everyone, I haven’t been there in a couple of weeks.

It was also fun singing in the choir. I need to get back to making it to practices Thursday nights. My marathon training takes up a lot of my free time and quite often I’m ready to just be chillen out at home when choir starts. I think I need to work on my sleep which should help.

After church we had lunch with friends at McDonalds, got groceries and I got some much needed housework done at home while my wife was at the library marking.

I did get my run in. Today I’m starting marathon training and my run for today was 10km. I got my fasted time for a 10km which was 49 minutes.

Now I get to relax and watch tv for awhile before start dinner. We’re having chili and its great weather for it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Sunday!



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