Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

    • When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?Well that question is easy, the gym, or exercise! I love vacations and traveling but I often find that my gym workouts and running outside often get neglected. Lately as I’ve been training for my half marathon I have been doing a little better with my workouts. I have tried to get my wife and I to stay in hotels that have fitness centers or to stay somewhere where there is a gym close by. It is a challenge to fit workouts in though. I am not a morning person, and people have told me to wake up early before everyone gets up and get my workout in. This does not always work. Often there is so much planned in the day that I will not have time later in the day for exercise. On my last vacation in Manitoba, we stayed with a friend in Winnipeg and she lived near a Goodlife Fitness and also a Running Room. I got to workout a few times plus go to the Running Room and run on they’re free run night which was awesome! If you are a fitness enthusiast like myself, how do you get your workouts in when on vacation? Hope everyone is having a great day and if you are on vacation, hope you are able to get a workout in!



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