Vacation So Far

My wife and I have been having a wonderful holiday so far! We drove down and didn’t really have anything planned out for this trip at all.

The first day of our drive was from Brampton to Sault Ste Marie and we found a nice hotel in Sault Ste Marie in which I can’t remember the name of it but it turned out to be really nice! The second day of our drive was from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay and we were able to get a room at the Victoria Inn where we stayed a couple of years ago when we did this road trip then. It also is a very nice hotel and has a really big water slide. We got there too late to use the waterslide this time but maybe if we can stay there on our way home?!

We have been staying with a friend of ours in Winnipeg for the past few days. Its been very relaxing! We haven’t done a whole lot since we’ve been here though we did visit The Forks yestarday and had a boat ride. I’ve been able to make it out for runs a couple of times as well as to Goodlife Fitness for gym workouts!

Today we are off to Carberry, Manitoba for a few days to visit some of my wife’s friend’s from childhood! Again we haven’t planned things too well so who knows who we will be able to be in touch with but we shall see. There is no gym out that way so I will have to be disciplined with getting my runs in and try and do pushups, situps, etc for my workouts! I’m trying hard to still be healthy on vacation though it is tough sometimes. I haven’t always been eating well.

Well that is it for now! I hopefully will be able to blog in a few days depending on what my internet services are in Carberry!

Bye for now!


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