Fitness Tips While On Vacation

If you are fitness nut as I am, like me you may find it hard to get your workouts in while on holidays.

For the past few months I have been working toward a marathon Currently I’m in a half marathon clinic at the Running Room. I have a half marathon event in October and I am participating in Tough Mudder in September.

Last weekend for the long weekend my wife and I were in NYC. We had an awesome time though I was unable get either get out for a run or get to a gym.

I have learned some tips that have helped me and hopefully will help you get your workouts in.

Tip #1: Stay In A Hotel With A Fitness Centre. Most of the time when I have been in a hotel with a gym I am most likely to use it. My wife and I are currently in Winnipeg, Manitoba and on our first hotel we stayed at on our drive here I was able to get a workout in. The second hotel I didn’t wind up having time.

Tip #2: Find A Gym Close To Where You Are Staying. I found a Goodlife Fitness which is the gym I am a member of close by where we are staying in Winnipeg. I was able to workout there today and get out for a run!

Tip #3: Find a Running Room close by and join a group run. I am going to try and do this tomorrow night. The group run is at 6pm and hopefully the timing works out!

Hopefully these tips will help you as they’ve helped me. All the best in your training over the rest of the summer if you are vacationing!



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