Having Fun At The O Course!

The O Course Warm UP!

Yestarday I participated in The O Course which is a military style event. My day started at 6:20am which was very early for a Saturdy! My wife and I left the house about 7:30am for Balmy Beach in Toronto. We have never been there before and I had to print out the directions as our GPS was not reconizing the beach. We got there just in the nick of time. The course was instructed by Tony A and he had a few O Course instructors helping him out. He and the instructors would yell out orders (and he mentioned before the workout started not to get offended by the yelling of orders as it was just part of the workout and all in good fun! The warm up was really hard! We were given a piece of wood (which they called our rifle) and told to do a number of various exercises, many of them involving holding the rifle over our heads. Then we ran with our rifle down the beach (quite far!) and Tony A showed us our course. Along the way during our workout we would get in the water and do sit ups and push ups in the water. The workout itself was the same run up and down the beach with our rifles only we stopped at one point to do the commando bars which I was able to do but it was hard to get a good grip on them as my hands were covered in sand and wet from sweat. We also had to do 10 chin ups on the chin up bar and then at the end of the course, pick up a sledge hammer and hammer into the water fifteen times, then grabbing two buckets filled with sand and carry them to one end of the beach and back. That was tough, they were heavy! Then with a partner we were to carry another heavy object from one end of the beach to the other, carry a pack of sand up and down a hill, and lastly grab a chain and pull a heavy object from one end of the beach to the other! I came in 20something out of like 250+ people and ran the course in 41 minutes! I got sun burnt a bit and was sore from the exercises but had a great time, I look forward to doing the course again! Uh-rah!














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