Heading Home

Overall we have had a lovely time in Montreal. Unfortunately we had a funeral yestarday which was the reason for our trip.

It was a beautiful service and the man who died I had only met once so I didn’t know him too well but I really got a sense of who the man was from the stories told about him during the service.

After the service there was a reception at a restaurant where all who wanted too were able to gather. It was such a nice service and great to catch up with family we haven’t seen in awhile.

There was only one downside to our trip. Last night a neighbour downstairs complained to us about the noise we were making saying we have been disturbing her for a week. We tried to explain that we have’t been there a week and only got there Friday night. And we had barely been there because of the funeral. She didn’t buy it and called the cops on us who came after midnight after we had fallen asleep. We explained the situation to them and they seemed understanding and so far no more distbances for the neighbour.

As I  said, besides the incident with the neighbour we had a lovley stay here in Montreal. I got to workout at Goodlife Fitness yestarday morning which was really close. It is called Energy Cardio here and I had a great workout. Not sure if I will have time this morning, we are meeting family for breakfast then heading home.

I praying for good weather and safe travels today. Hopefully not much traffic and we’ll get home in good time. At some point in the future we’ll have to come down with more time and explore more!

Have you had bad experiences while traveling? What were they and how did you deal with them?

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. If you are traveling as I am I hope for safe travels!



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