Road Trip

Yestarday my wife and picked up her sister and we were off to Montreal.

We arrived safely and this trip we did something a little different then usual. We rented a two bedroom appartment for two nights. We normally get a hotel room or a bed and breakfast so this was new to all of us. The appartment is really nice, I’m actually likeing it better then a hotel. It is close by restaurants or a grocery store if we wanted to cook.

We ordered Itallian food last night and I had lasagna which is my favorite food!

I wound up sleeping pretty poorly. I think that was mostly due to too much coffee during the drive, I drove all the way here which was fun!

I’m writting this in a Tim Hortons. I just finished my Bible reading and I am hoping to get to the gym. I think there is a Goodlife Fitness close to our appartment which is awesome! We just have to find our what it is.

Well I should get going annd call my wife if there is any coffee orders.

We have a funeral this afternoon which is unfortunately our reason for the trip but hopefully we’ll be able to sight see a little bit.

Where do you like to stay when you travel, hotels, bed & breakfasts or somewhere else?

Have a great day and a great weekend!



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