Race Day!





Today was race day and it was a beautiful day for a race. The event was called Run For Hope and it was held at Prosfessor’s Lake in Brampton, Ontario Canada!

It was my first 10km event and I was trying hard not to be nervous. I followed the advice of my coach at The Running Room and ate what I normally would eat before a long run and dress the same way I would for a run.

The big no no’s of race day was eating or drinking something you normally don’t eat or drink, wearing a shirt that you don’t normally wear, & wearing new shoes because they might hurt your feet as they are not broken in yet. During the race I was feeling pretty confident.

I kept a steady pace for the whole race and gave it my hardest in the last stretch of the race. My time was 52:01 minutes which I am pretty proud of for my first one! I was also told that I was tenth in my age category. On top of feeling really good about my run, I won a $25 gift card to The Running Room. This comes in really handy as I need to by a new pair of runners! I’ve had my running shoes for about a year and a half now so it is time for new ones! My friend Bruce who is the guy in the last picture with me ran the 10km as well. He beat me, I think his time was like 40 minutes or something! He is really fast!

As I said, it is a beautiful day outside. I hope that everyone is well and has had a great weekend! Hopefully you all have been able to get out for a run, or a walk and enjoy the day!



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