1st Half Marathon

Today I decided to try and run my first marathon. I put in marathon on my fitness app, put my music on shuffle and was off.

The first 6 or 7 miles I was fine. My legs started giving out just as I got half way through. I planned out a route that if I ran it twice, I would have completed a marathon though I only completed half.

I feel really good about the run and I know that one day I will run a marathon. I am reminded about an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall was training for the NYC marathon. Barney was making fun of him saying you don’t have to train for a marathon you just run. Well he ran it and had tons of energy during the race and immediatly afterwards but later in the evening he couldn’t move his legs.

It is important to train and work up to these things. I just completed a 10km running clinic and have never even ran a half marathon. I do think it is important to dream big though be realistic in your training and your skill level. Keep looking ahead but also be patient where you are and enjoy your training now.

I’m feeling kind of sore and am definetly feeling my run. I think tonight I should hopefully sleep really well and I’m looking forward to using the hot tub while at my parents house.

I know that I will complete a marathon someday and will keep working toward that. After my 10km race next weekend I think I will enter the half marathon Goodlife Fitness event in Toronto in May. I also think these longer runs will help me long term with my Tough Mudder event in September.

What is the longest run you have ever ran? How did you feel afterward?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cheers!


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