Long Run

Tomorrow morning I am hoping to get up early (well relatively early lol) and go out for a long run. I have my 10km Run For Hope event on April 28th and it is coming up soon.

I have also been contemplating enter The Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon in May which will be a couple of weeks after my 10km run. I have never ran a marathon before and have been running pretty consistently since January. At least 4-6 days per week averaging 30-55km per week!

Tomorrow I plan on setting my ipod nano fitness app on marathon or half marathon setting and see how far I can go. I had a good run this evening for about 45 minutes. It was kind of cold and windy and my legs have been a bit sore lately but the run was good and I made the whole 45 minutes without stopping. I’m hoping to run for at least 2 hours tomorrow if not more.

In other news that has nothing to do with running, I have just bought a bike! I haven’t rode a bike since high school and I’m looking forward to it. My hope is to ride the bike to work each day. I have to put air in the tires and I’m hoping to do that tomorrow and once I do that I’ll take a picture of it and post in on here!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll let you know how the run goes tomorrow! Cheers!


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