10Km Training Program: Where to go from here…

So last night was my last run with my running group at The Running Room. It has been a great journey so far.

I have ran in many different weather conditions such as snow storms, rain, also dealing with messy sidewalk conditions throughout the winter. It has been good getting back into running again after not being in it for a few years.

I have my first of hopefully many running event on April 28th called Run For Hope and my event is a 10km race. I also have Tough Mudder coming up in a few months to keep training for and I look forward to that as well.

I have been running 5-6 days per week since the beginning of January and I hope to not change that. Getting back to my run last night, it was really good to get out and I ran 10km- 5km with the group and 2.5km to the mall and 2.5km home. Last week I had my lowest amount of km’s put in in one week since January. I caught stomach flu on Thursday plus was dealing with some personal stuff and just wasn’t able to get out running. So the run and hanging out with my group helped a lot!

The half marathon clinic is in June and I think I am signing up for that. I had a great time with the 10km clinic and recommend The Running Room to anyone who is looking to join a clinic and get out there to run!

Hope everyone is having a great day, cheers!


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