10KM Training Week 9: Speed Training/Recovering lol

I got  hit with either stomach flu or food poisoning the past few days. I haven’t been able to make it to the doctors to find out exactly but I’m thinking that it probably was food poisoning.

My illness the past few days has kept me from my training. I haven’t ran or gone to the gym since Tuesday which really sucks! I have found it so hard just lying around the house waiting to get better. I have been fighting off the urge to get out for a run when I know I should listen to my body and rest. I am thankful to have an amazing wife who loves me and takes good care of me. She bought me powerade and soup after work on Thursday and after lots of rest I’m feeling so much better! Not good enough to go out running but better.

As I said earlier the last run I had was Tuesday and it was week 9 of my 10km training program with The Running Room. It was raining outside and we were doing speed training. Basically ran to a certain street and then we would run really fast from one light post to another and slow down for two then really fast to the next light post and so on. We ran up the street and back and once finished we were able to run back to the store. I am one of the more advanced runners of the group and generally finish first most weeks. Thankfully someone else in the group finished roughly around the same time I did and who knew the way back to the store. My sense of direction is not so good and I probably would have got lost if I ran back on my own lol! My instructor had to hang behind to wait for the other two in my group and since it was raining I didn’t want to wait around.

The run over all was great despite the rain! I love running in bad weather. I find if you can run in bad weather you can run any time! I have especially liked the hill training and the speed training we did this week! I hate the fact that I haven’t been able to run since then but look forward to when I am well and able to get back out there!

What type of weather do you like running in? Have you had to stop your training because of an illness or injury?

Hope you are all doing well and having a great Saturday! Cheers!


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