10KM Training Week 7: Almost There!!

It is hard to believe that it is week seven already! Race day is just over a month away and I’m really excited. I am running in Brampton’s Run For Hope on April 28th and I can’t wait!

Last week I’m sorry to say was the least amount of KM’s I put in in a week yet. In my defense it was a busy week and things were out of my control and I was only able to get four runs in. On a positive note I was happy with the runs I put in. Saturday and Sunday’s runs especially I put in 9km each plus went to the gym and did a weight workout both days on top of the runs!

I think my run with The Running Room tomorrow night is more hill training and my instructor will be talking about preparing for race day I believe which should be interesting. This is my first long distance event and my goal is to work up to a marathon! I think I found out last week that the half marathon clinic starts in June which is exciting!

Tonight I set out to run for an hour but I only got 26 minutes completed. I was more tired then I thought I was after my weekend runs. I was happy I got out and the 26mins got me 4km and off to a good start for this week. It was pretty busy at work today and I didn’t sleep that well last night so I am just happy I made it out this evening. Hoping for a good night sleep tonight and hope to get a bit of a rest after work tomorrow night before my run club in the evening!

How about you? What is your best/worst run or workout if you are not a runner?! Hope everyone had a great day, happy Monday!



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