40 Acts Challenge: Donate Blood

Today is day 30 in Lent and the challenge for today was to donate blood. I was excited and nervous for this challenge as I’ve never donated blood before. I didn’t know what to expect or if I would be able to complete toady’s challenge if I couldn’t get an appointment today.
I looked for clinics in my area and found one that I could just walk-in. My wife was really amazing and drove me to the clinic and waited till I was done. The whole thing took about an hour and was relatively painless! I found that taking the needle out was more painful then when they put it in lol!
I am going to donate again and so far am doing OK after the experience. I like how the 40 Acts Challenge puts it that “Donating blood is quite literally sharing a part of your life so they can have life. The way I see it, an hour spent donating blood is very little when you consider all the good that comes out of it.”
While I was there I got to chat with some very nice people who were working there and tell them about my 40 Acts Lent Challenge which was cool! All in all a very cool experience and I look forward to doing it again! Cheers!



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