DailyDevotional March16,2013

http://bible.us/r/2B.5 I just finished day 5 of Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional Bible reading plan at YouVersion.com

My Thoughts: One of my goals is to run a marathon. Some of the barriers to achieving this goal might be, making time to run. So far that has not been a problem but life gets busy sometimes and not able to make time. Unforseen injuries. I’m not planning to make myself injured but athletes do get injured if they don’t take care of themselves properly. I am trying to listen to my body and to when it is time to take rest. It is easy to push yourself and do too much. Another goal of mine is to finish college! I know the biggest barrier for this goal is remembering the past. In the past I didn’t work very hard at school and wound up dropping out. My fear is the same thing happening again. Another barrier for this is what other things would I have to sacrifice to finish my education. School takes work and somethings would have to be given up in order to achieve this. The biggest barrier I think is fear of change. Even change that might be good for you can be scary. There is that phrase “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”
Both of my goals I believe would be achievable if I set my mind to them and worked at them. How about you? What are some of your goals and what are holding you back from achieving them?


One thought on “DailyDevotional March16,2013

  1. You can do it James. You are older now and you have a beautiful person who stands by you. The sacrifice you make to achieve your goal is all worth it when you reach the finish line, or you receive your certificate.

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