10KM Training Week 5: Hill Training

Tuesday’s run was the first of our hill training. We had our in class talk which I must admit to not remembering most of it as I was kind of tired. I do remember him saying not to lean forward when running up the hill and too keep good posture.

The run itself was really good! I felt that I made the mistake of starting off too fast at the beginning. I was breathing really heavily during the run and need to work on that. Our workout was to run up and down the hill three times. I did get finished first and did manage to pace myself so that I wasn’t dying at the end of the run. I wish there was more hills on the runs that I usually go on on my own. The total distance we ran that night was just over 5km.

As for the rest of the week, I ran 5km on Wednesday, 9km on Thursday, and 12km on Friday. The 12km on Friday was the hardest. I ran from my parents house to Goodlife Fitness in downtown Brampton which is 6km, then did a weight workout at the gym and then had to run back to my parents house. I ran all the way to the gym but on the way back I had to stop and walk from time to time. On a positive note I did finish the run and felt really good after it!

Today I’m taking a rest day both from running as well as from the gym. I’m planning to run home from church tomorrow which is about 6-7km and then go to the gym and do a weight workout. What is the hardest run you’ve ever been on? If you are not a runner, what is the hardest workout you’ve ever had in your sport of choice?

Hope everyone is having a great day! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “10KM Training Week 5: Hill Training

  1. You are doing really well James. I admire your determination to keep running. I, myself, am not a runner (I have never learned how to breathe properly).

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