40 Acts Challenge Day 5: Read Your Local Newspaper

Yesterday marked the first Sunday in Lent. Normally I don’t participate in Lent. I understand that Lent for most people is giving up something for 40 Days to prepare for Jesus’s sacrifice for our sins on Good Friday and the gift of God’s grace we receive Easter morning. It is a time to reflect on how we live our lives and bring ourselves closer in our relationship with God during these 40 days.

My issue with Lent has always been the giving something up that I love part. It doesn’t make sense to me to give something up for 40 Days only to go back to it in a crazy amount once Lent is over. It kind of deats the purpose to me. So when I heard a pastor speaking about the 40 Acts challenge on CBC last Wednesday evening I had to listen in. Basically you get a new challenge in your email each day for the 40 days of Lent and try to think of creative ways to do each challenge. Each Sunday is a day of reflection so you don’t get a challenge in your email. I haven’t had the time to blog about the first three days though I will do my best to get better with this.

Today’s challenge is actually a difficult one for me. Reading my local newspaper. Normally I don’t read the paper or watch the new on TV. I get my news through Facebook, cable pulse 24 channel when its on at the gym, and through other people. My wife had to laugh when I asked her if she had the Brampton Guardian handy which unfortunately she already had recycled. I had to go online and read articles on The Brampton Guardian website. I probably should read the paper a bit more and keep up more on local and world news.

One thing I have learned from this challenge is it is easy to stay in your own little bubble and not look beyond what you are doing. The challenging part is making time to read the paper. Do you read the newspaper, or are you like me getting your news through Facebook or other social media? The idea of this challenge is to find things that are going on in your community that you can either pray about or get involved in. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great Family Day Weekend! Cheers!

Here is the link to the 40 Acts challenge if anyone else wants to get involved!



4 thoughts on “40 Acts Challenge Day 5: Read Your Local Newspaper

  1. Way back when people fasted for Lent and it has now become, as you say, a time when you give up something you spend money on (and you are meant to give that money to the church). The fast was meant to bring you closer to God in spirit and meant more than giving up just one type of food. Not at all like what it has become today.
    I like the sound of this challenge. I would be interested in participating – where could I sign up for the emails James?

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