6KM Run!

Tonight was my first night of 10K training with The Running Room. I’ve been running on and off for years and have never taken a clinic before either at The RR or anywhere else for that matter.

We had a short meeting in the club getting to know each other a little bit and going over the types of runs we’ll be doing. I’m looking forward to hill training. I don’t have much experience with that. We then went out for our run. It was a fairly easy 6K run, at least it was for me. The tough part was a lot of ice on the sidewalks. Most of the time I was one of the ones in front so I experienced the hazards first. Our instructor said to warn the rest of the group of hazards such as ice or water.

The run was great and my group seems really nice! The only downside is The Running Room has two free runs on Wednesdays in the evening and Sunday mornings both conflict with church obligations. I run a lot on my own so getting my KM’s each week won’t be a problem. I think I’m even going to sign up for a couple of events one in April and the other in May!

Seeing that they are running 5KM tomorrow night I will run that after work tomorrow if I am organized enough. Otherwise I’ll have to figure out how to work it in other days!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!



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