Run After The Storm

Today was a great day! A friend of our family was celebrating her 90th birthday? Can you believe that? She is still in great shape for 90 and dances three times a week! Having a healthy lifestyle is the way to go!

Yesterday we had a pretty big snow storm! Don’t know the exact amount that fell but I heard that it was the most that has fallen in like 5 years, it was crazy! This week I ran six miles on Tuesday night + weight training at the gym. Thursday the night before the storm I ran five miles + a weight workout. I was hoping to run on the Friday but the snow was too bad! I bused it to the mall and then walked home after running my errands at the mall and the snow was crazy on the sidewalks. There was no way that I would have been able to run in it. So I stayed in!

Today after getting home from the birthday party, the weather was still good and I decided to go out. I knew I was taking a bit of a chance with the sidewalks not being plowed but I didn’t care. I laced up and went out! On my Ipod Nano I have a Fitness App where I can do distance, time, and calories workouts, its pretty cool! I put in for a 10 mile run and started out. I reached my goal of ten miles and still had another two miles left before I got home. I turned on Queen street and realized right away there was no sidewalks, they were all covered in snow. I did my best to try to keep going but there was no use. Eventually I called my wife and asked if she could pick me up at Burger King (so not what I wanted to have for dinner but I burned like 1400 calories on that run so I didn’t care!) My wife who is amazing! came and picked me up. Which brings me pretty much to the end of my adventure.

It took me two hours to run the twelve miles and even though I didn’t make it home, I was happy I made it two miles after my goal of ten miles! I have clocked in 21 miles this week of running in three days which I am happy about!

I am training for Tough Mudder which I signed up for a few days ago. I have been thinking of trying this out for quite a while now and finally decided to just do it! I’m signed up for the September event and I’m really looking forward to it! One of the reasons I started running in the winter which I’ve never done is I figured I should learn to run in all types of weather conditions. I’ve never ran in the mud before or what too expect once I’m on the course but it looks cool from what I’ve seen. Do any of you who have done Tough Mudder have any training suggestions for me? Here’s a link to a short video about it for those who have never heard of it! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Run After The Storm

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping my wife and I will be able to rent a video camera for the Tough Mudder event!
      Bad weather running I can deal with, I just wish Brampton would do a better job in plowing the sidewalks, not just focus on the roads. Not only for runners but for the people like myself who take the bus! Cheers!

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