Weekly Writting Challenge: Mind The Gap

The question of this challenge is how do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle of a Kobo, or with an oldschool paperback or hardcover in hand?

I always though I was an oldschool guy and never thought I would get into an eReader. I have bought many books over the years and I love to read. Then my wife and I made a few trips to Chapters bookstore and I started noticing the Kobo. I got interested in it pretty quick. I mentioned it to my parents and surprisingly got one for my birthday last year.

I love how it is easy to carry an eReader around as with books such as the Harry Potter series, it is hard to carry books that are almost 1000 pages long. I love how you can put up to 1000 books on an eReader maybe more depending on what brand you use as I don’t know too much about other eReaders.

My wife and I actually both got Kobo’s for our birthdays last year and we are both hooked. Though my wife does reader actual books from time to time. As for me, I haven’t read anything other than my Kobo since I got it! I have bought many books on it and am working my way through each one. Currently as most of you know who read my blogs I am on a read 12 books in 2013 challenge and have finished my first one on my Kobo which was Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. The only downside maybe is that I have rebought books which I own on paperback that I haven’t read yet again on my Kobo. Maybe I will donate those books to a library or something.

How about you? Are you an eReader person or paperback or hardcover book person? For eReader fans I recommend a Kobo though my parents use a Kindle and they seem to enjoy that! Happy reading!


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